Great products can start with great customers. Welcome to the experiment.



Product listings that feature the Experimental New Product logo are bound by the posted policies. Last revised 02/10/2015.

Every great MakerShot product starts as a prototype. This program puts our more refined prototypes - our newest tested designs - in the hands of consumers quickly. Purchasing an item that displays this EXPERIMENTAL NEW PRODUCT logo means you understand that you're buying a work in progress. We want your private feedback, and in return when the final version is released you will get it first, and at a sharp discount. Historically this means the final product is provided at cost (materials + shipping) without any profit margin for us.

Here are the conditions:

1) The product will most likely be fabricated using 3D printing or some other rapid prototyping method. Please understand and expect that the finish will differ from high volume commercial production runs.

2) There is a strict 14 day warranty. If we receive the product back postmarked within 2 weeks of your confirmed delivery date, we will refund your money. No questions asked and no paperwork needed.

3) Please don't leave negative / neutral product feedback in public online forums or open any return / refund cases in online marketplaces (i.e. Ebay). We're selling an advanced but unfinished product with a super easy "no questions asked" return policy (see #2). Final product purchase priority and discount are awarded based on adherence to this rule.

4) Essential features of EXPERIMENTAL NEW PRODUCTS are covered under provisional patents prior to release. Participation in this program is not a licensure of design.

5) Discounts on future products may be approximately limited to the quantity originally purchased through this program.

Most of all, don't purchase an EXPERIMENTAL NEW PRODUCT if you are not adventurous and willing to try something that is still a few months away from being perfect. This program exists for our customers that just can't wait to try something new and want to be rewarded for helping us refine great products.

These products are proud graduates of the Experimental New Product program.

Walther P22 Extended Magazine Kit

Experimental Price Range: $17.99

Experimental Development Time: 6 Months

Final Product Price (projected): $19.99

Advanced +2 Follower and Plunger Kit

Experimental Price Range: $6.79-$7.99

Experimental Development Time: 2 Months

Final Product Price (projected): $7.99