Wholesale pricing is straightforward.


Orders of 25-49 units: 

25% off retail.

Orders of 50-99 units: 

30% off retail.

Orders of 100-199 units: 

35% off retail.

Orders of 200-400 units: 

40% off retail.


Orders of more than 400 units are handled on a case by case basis, but usually can be fabricated with minimal lead time and an additional discount. Rush orders require additional shipping charges, and occasionally a premium (depending on current product demand).

We take credit cards but offer another 3% off for orders paid in full by cash, check, or money order. Call us 'old fashioned' if you want. We'll just keep sipping our sassafras while you do.

If you want something special (colors, designs, etc.), or to negotiate a large order, email Joey. She loves customer service almost as much as the shooting range.