We use a fleet of Printrbot Metals for prototyping. While we love the machine design, we found the Ubis hotends are limited and usually tucker out (e.g. repeatedly clog) after only 300 hours of use. So we recommend the amazing E3D V6 hotend on the nimble and affordable Printrbot hardware. 

Kit ships with everything you need to install an E3D V6 hotend onto a stock Printrbot. All connectors and heat-shrink tubing required for installation of the E3D V6 direct kit are included, as well as a custom spacer to make the E3D hotend long enough for the stock z-height minimum.

You only need a scissor, a pair of pliers, and some patience (10-15 minutes). No special tools are required.


Kit uses Molex quality components: 1 x 04364502002 x 04303000071 x 04364002012 x 04303100071 x 05119103002 x 0508028100.

Please note that installation has only been attempted with the Printrboard version F and the Alu extruder. While attaching the new hotend to the Printrbot is a cinch, we can't be held responsible for anything bad that happens. Sorry! Keep in mind that the E3D hotends are capable of reaching 300 degrees Celsius or more on just 12V. We recommend you update the firmware of your Printrbot to prevent damage to the heater block and anything nearby. Our custom-baked firmware is available on this page.