Walther P22 Extended Magazine Kit 


The team at MakerShot has created a long awaited extension to the gold standard in versatile rimfire handguns. This Walther P22 magazine extension adds +5 capacity and 1" to the grip length AND retains the last round lock-back feature of the handgun, as the designers intended. The kit is offered and sold by various retail sites, and includes a set of patent-pending components that modify any existing Walther P22 or P22Q (new model) stock magazines. Assembly of the black Nylon 6/6 and stainless steel kit is tool-less and immediate. You must have a manufacturer original 10-round magazine for assembly.

Please note this item requires an existing P22 magazine before becoming functional and may not be for sale in CA, CT, DC, MA, MD, NY, HI or anywhere else where consumers are banned from modifying magazines. The modified follower is not available in these states. We recommend potential buyers use their own discretion. International sales governed by US and destination country laws, and trade allowances.

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