Do not assemble the kit without a magazine in place. Do not begin assembly until you read the following warnings and instructions.

Please note that the stock magazine button is vulnerable to being dislodged and misplaced when the magazine is partially loaded between 11 and 14 rounds. When the magazine is empty, fully loaded, or placed in the Walther P22 or P22Q grip this is not an issue. Firearms are dangerous. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to firearm, property, or person. Use this product at your own risk, and in accordance with your firearm's operation manual and local laws.

Do not assemble a kit with a modified +5 follower in states that do not allow 10+ magazines:

California (illegal to purchase), Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland (illegal to purchase), Massachusetts, New York, or DC. Colorado and New Jersey allow up to 15 round magazines. Laws can change. Accurate as of November 1st, 2014.

Walther P22 / P22Q Magazine Kit Instructions

Your new kit includes the following:
(1) top half of magazine cap
(1) bottom half of magazine cap
(1) extended magazine spring
(1) modified follower

Important: Consult a gunsmith for safety. Bring this instruction set to a qualified gunsmith. Comply with all local, state, and federal laws prior to attempting assembly. Proceed at your own risk. Read each instruction to completion prior to acting.

1.    Take your stock 10 round factory P22 or P22Q magazine (not included), empty it safely, and only then depress the retainer button located on the bottom of the butt plate. Slide the stock magazine block off while depressing the stock retainer. Mind the spring and protect your eyes.

2.    Set aside the factory magazine block, retainer, spring, and follower. Store these in a safe place. You will only need the magazine pin and magazine body.

3.    Slide the new upper half of the MakerShot magazine cap onto the front of the magazine with the two clips facing down. Make sure the part is seated at the base of the magazine body over the metal tabs.

4.    Insert the new MakerShot magazine follower into the magazine body.

5.    Replace the magazine pin (left side facing muzzle of gun). Insert the supplied MakerShot extended spring into the magazine body.

6.    Push the new bottom half of the MakerShot magazine cap upward onto the clips of the upper cap half. Fit should be snug. You can use the edge of a table or other hard surface to lock the two halves together.

You should be able to see the clips of the upper cap half completely hooked around the channel walls of the bottom half. Do not use the magazine if these tabs are not locked.